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Dennis and Diane Linthicum moved their family of four to Oregon almost 20 years ago in pursuit of a simpler, rural lifestyle. They fell in love with the hardworking people of Southern Oregon and the joys and challenges of ranch life, including building their home, raising cattle and horses and Dennis’ favorite pastime: building custom furniture. 

Dennis and Diane have been members of Bonanza Community Church since they first arrived in Klamath County. Dennis has served for many years as a Deacon and an Elder. He enjoys teaching Adult Bible Classes and filling in for the Pastor if needed on Sunday mornings. Diane was involved in the Women’s Ministry as Chairperson for many years, and they have many dear friends in that community.

This year, they celebrate 33 years of marriage. Their kids, Dani and Denver, are both married to wonderful spouses and have successful careers. They enjoy getting together as a family on holidays or “just for the heck of it” particularly when Diane has just made fresh bread!

Educational and Professional Background

In 1978, Dennis graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from UCLA. In 2009, he also earned a Masters of Arts from BIOLA University.

Dennis began his career at Hughes Aircraft as a software developer. He then moved to the Lange Financial Corporation Group of Companies as Senior Vice President of Management Information Systems, and finally, worked for Pacific Mutual Life Insurance as their Vice President of Information Systems. After moving to Oregon, Dennis was a successful small-business owner, working as an independent computer consultant in Southern and Central Oregon. He contracted for a variety of business sizes, creating software solutions in manufacturing, farming/ranching, financial, retail and non-profit sectors. He also had a Construction Contractors Board license (CCB #137432) and owns a small cattle ranch east of Klamath Falls. 

Government Experience

5100c76a8e3acIn 2008, Dennis was approached by friends, community members and neighbors, asking him to run for County Commissioner. He was reluctant at first - he had a successful business and wonderful family and community life - but he finally agreed, because he saw how government was changing the landscape he loves. He also understood that someone had to speak up for the farmers, ranchers, day-laborers, moms, dads and hard-working people of Klamath County - many of whom felt they were not being heard. He was elected overwhelmingly and is now serving in elected office as the Chair of Klamath County‘s Board of  Commissioners.

Every day, as Commissioner, Dennis sees first-hand why he was elected and why so many people are looking for principled individuals to fight for them in government.  Dennis’ desire to run for U.S. Congress stems directly from his work as a County Commissioner. He recognizes that Southern, Central and Eastern Oregon’s economic vitality comes from the utilization of its natural resources, and he understands that many forces want to take away the freedoms of hard-working entrepreneurs, family farmers and dedicated American workers. Dennis has been a strong voice for common sense and unbiased science rather than bloated bureaucratic philosophies and Federal mandates.  As a county commissioner, Dennis sees the economic, cultural and community harm from excessive government regulations, burdensome taxation and needless intervention, and he wants to help Oregonians regain their voice in their home towns and communities.

The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution states: 

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  

Dennis is committed to listening, representing and helping people regain Constitutional freedoms, so that Southern, Central and Eastern Oregon can prosper, and our children can have a bright future in this beautiful state.

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It is time for a fresh new face representing Oregon’s 2nd congressional district in Washington, D.C.  I endorse Dennis Linthicum for our next representative.  My family has known Dennis Linthicum for over 15 years.  He is  honest, hard working, and supports smaller rather than larger government.  As a current Klamath County commissioner he has demonstrated that he understands the issues our country is facing and is willing to make the tough decisions.   I encourage you to vote for Dennis Linthicum as our next 2nd congressional district representative.

Virginia Topham
Flying T Ranch
Sprague River. OR

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