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What does Greg Walden’s
 Record Reveal?

Where does Representative Greg Walden Stand?

Greg Walden’s Record

As someone who values human life, even in the womb?


How Oregon Representatives Vote

What’s more telling: words or actions?

Where does Representative Greg Walden Stand?

Greg Walden’s Record

As a fiscal conservative?

  • Voted with Nancy Pelosi FOR the 2013 Ryan/Murray budget deal that breaks the sequester spending caps and increases spending and fees for airline travel. (See Dennis’ response)
  • Conservative Score Card — Dismal (see chart above)
  • Until October 2013, Walden supported continuing resolutions (CR's) without demanding spending cuts.
  • The last six debt ceiling votes, Walden has voted three times to raise the debt ceiling and three times not to raise it.
  • Voted No on the the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget offered by the Republican Study Committee. The RSC's “Back to Basics Budget” proposes sweeping entitlement reforms that would balance our country’s federal budget in just four years.
  • During Walden’s time as a representative (nearly 16 years) the National Debt has tripled.
  • Voted with Nancy Pelosi on the Fiscal Cliff solution in 2012 which raised taxes.

As a protector of the privacy of Americans?

As a supporter of farms, ranches and small-business?

  • Votes for special interests rather than promoting a fair and  equal playing field for all.
  • Voted for “the Food Stamp and Farm Bill”, which did little to truly help agriculture. Instead it foisted another $1 trillion in spending on the taxpayer of which 75% was for food stamp entitlements.
  • Federal regulatory burdens for agricultural industries have increased during his time in office, not decreased.
  • Walden has not introduced or co-sponsored any legislation to significantly curb the funding or limit the scope of EPA authority.

As an upholder of individual liberty?

  • Freedom Works rates Walden’s record at 50% (failing) as of December 2013. Compared to Oregon’s other representatives (all democrat), Walden barely scores any better.

As an Establishment Republican?

As an advocate for sustainable, private or locally-governed forest management?

  • The DeFazio (D), Schrader (D), Walden (R) bill (H.R. 1526) gives away 50% of the O&C forest land to environmental groups ignoring the 9th Circuit decision in Headwaters v. BLM. The plan changes the purpose behind the O&C forest lands by placing environmental concerns above the ability to fund local governments and create jobs.
  • Walden does not advocate for the Federal Government to get out of the forest and land management business, but instead keeps states and local communities imprisoned by bad Federal policies.

As an advocate for dam removal?

( Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement - KHSA and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement - KBRA )

  • Walden has never publicly supported the KBRA or its opponents, leaving a breach of leadership on this issue. The KBRA is a taxpayer funded scheme which has a termination clause if the KHSA (dam removal agreement) is not completed. Oregon and California will lose flood control facilities, recreational reservoirs and efficient hydro-electric power generating capacity while funding benefits for Pacific Power, environmentalist organizations and tribal groups. 
  • Most small-business owners, farmers, ranchers, taxpayers and utility rate-payers oppose both these agreements. The dam removal agreements have been opposed by all Oregon commissioners and all California supervisors in the counties where the dams are located. Plus, numerous state representatives and senators in Oregon and California have voiced opposition, yet Congressman Walden is still silent.

As a supporter of free enterprise?

As a champion of domestic energy production?

  • Was joined by the Obama Administration to secure Green Energy Subsidies
  • Voted no on Representative Tom McClintock’s (R-CA) amendment that would reduce funding in three accounts at the Department of Energy, saving taxpayers more than $1.5 billion and allow for more freedom and innovation in energy production.
  • Voted no on H.A. 1178 which would eliminate the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program, which directly subsidizes green energy companies. This is corporate welfare and eliminating it would save taxpayers $1.45 billion annually.

As an honest critic of Washington-insider politics?

  • After more than a decade (nearly 16 years) Walden still wants to return to Washington for more of the status quo.
  • He supports Congressional incumbency and seniority instead of legislative term limits.

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the values in Oregon’s 2nd District >

Check out our sources here: FreedomWorks, Heritage Action, Madison Project, Club for Growth, Project Vote Smart

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I used to really like Greg Walden, but he just seems to only do what those in Washington D.C. allow him to do, little steps that make his supporters believe he's trying his best.

Inside, I feel he's another one of those fake politicians, that puts on a good front to keep their job (important to him, but not what he's voted in for,) instead of actually having the heart to put up a good fight for what is best for their district, which would prove to all that those policies work, because economies, communities would actually begin to feel it, not just hear about it.

Thank you for your work trying to bring back commonsense to rural economies in Oregon. I would like to see my kids being able to live and work in rural places within Oregon, if they choose to, instead of being forced to move to the cities to survive, since that sure seems to be the current push in many areas out west.

Chiloquin, Oregon

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