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Oregon Family Council

  Linthicum Walden
Pro-Life  Yes No*
Gambling - favors off-reservation gambling No* No**
Zoning - prohibit Adult Businesses Near Schools Yes ???
Marriage - supports One Man-One Woman Yes Yes**
Religion - supports exemptions for faith Yes Yes**
Marijuana - opposes legalization Yes Yes**
Education - supports open enrollment in Charter schools Yes ???
Taxes - supports personal tax kicker  Yes Yes**
* Indicates candidate added a comment to his answer.
** Indicates the candidate did not return questionnaire and/or declined to answer by phone. Positions were derived from legislative record.

Oregon Right To Life

Oregon-right-to-life-linthicumThe 2014 Oregon Right to Life Voter Guide is confusing. It only shows two types of candidates:

  • Pro-Life or
  • Pro-Life leaning

For Oregon’s US House District #2 position
there is 
is Pro-Life. 

That Pro-Life candidate is Dennis Linthicum

Greg Walden is the incumbent and is “Pro-life leaning” so he gets a nod (a “recommendation”). The exact wording from Oregon Right to Life is: Recommended candidates are not Pro-Life but support some protective pro-life legislation.

If this issue is IMPORTANT to you: VOTE Dennis Linthicum

View Walden’s voting record. Then compare to Dennis’ stance on the issues.

It does matter what type of Republican we elect.

Our Liberty Elections Endorsement

Our Libety Elections Endorsement

Walden’s Dismal Record

Walden’s Dismal Record

Voters’ Guides

Voter’s Guides

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ALIPAC - End Illegal Immigration

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Dennis Linthicum Endorsements

I see Dennis Linthicum as a man I can trust, not just a politician. Dennis is a individual who holds the best interest of my generation, the millennial generation, close to heart. After talking to Dennis this became evident to me.

I really feel Dennis Linthicum has the capability to improve the the future well-being of this state and country, helping to create a better environment for fellow millennials and myself to succeed in. If given the chance, I know Dennis Linthicum could make a difference.

Klamath Falls, Oregon

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