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For immediate release
March 11, 2014
Contact: Dani Nichols
(714) 351-7976

Republican Congressional Candidate Dennis Linthicum has been endorsed by the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF). Dennis is running for Congress in Oregon’s 2nd District, and is a proud supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. 

"I think at this particular time in our history, we need somebody who's going to be aggressive about the things we support. Representative Walden’s tenure has been marked more by an apparent desire to get along rather than lead,” said Kevin Starrett, executive director of OFF. “Frankly we can’t find much of a difference between his voting record and super liberal Kurt Schrader on 2nd Amendment issues. Whatever you say about Congressman Walden’s seniority, the people who are getting things done are the people who are making waves, like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, and when we are losing freedoms every day, we can’t have someone in office who's main interest is getting along with Washington.”


Dennis and Diane at the FrontSight Firearms Training Institute

“OFF has a history of being very aggressive on the 2nd Amendment, so we don’t want to have a legislator collecting dust, and forgetting where they came from. We need aggressive, committed legislators who will stand up to leadership and I sense that from Dennis Linthicum: he will be that kind of representative for Oregon,” Starrett said. “Linthicum demonstrates he’s a believer in this issue. There is so much emphasis on seniority in the House, but every day we lose more of our freedoms. It requires people with courage - it’s not easy, but Walden’s not doing that.”

Dennis Linthicum said he was honored and excited to receive OFF’s endorsement. “The Oregon Firearms Federation stands up for an essential American liberty with courage and conviction,” he said. “I’m proud to be a part of their fight for the 2nd Amendment, along with so many other hunters, sportsmen, ranchers and free people in the 2nd District. We need to stand up for our freedoms and this endorsement helps me to do just that in my Congressional run.”

Dennis Linthicum is a Klamath County Commissioner and owns a small cattle ranch east of Klamath Falls. He is running for Congress on a platform of Constitutional limits, personal freedom, localized government and fiscal responsibility. For more information on his candidacy, please visit

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I met Dennis at the Oregon Cattlemen's Association convention in Bend. I was impressed. I believe Dennis is just the kind of Representative we need here in Oregon to help put our government back in its constitutional box and restore our liberty.

Jordan Valley

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