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by: Dennis Linthicum

I'm proud to be endorsed by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and now have this great new chart from NumbersUSA available for voters. Because I'm not a career politician, I do not have to bow to lobbyists to stay in power. I am free to stand on my principles, without compromise.


For the full chart, click here.

Immigration is far too important to be simply a political pawn issue. Our country, in fact Oregon's 2nd District, needs to have strong leaders who are willing to use logic, history and thoughtfulness in their decisions. We cannot fall prey to purely emotional pleas or politically expedient sound-bites. Please take a moment to check out the new chart from NumbersUSA and share it with friends and family.

Too many Oregonians are directly impacted by lost jobs, high taxes and countless expenses that our elastic border creates, and we need strong enforcement now; which can only be accomplished by principled leadership from the House. I hear every day about how our government is failing us - it's time to make the political elites in Washington pay attention to We the People! Let's stop amnesty and secure our borders!

For more on my immigration stance, read a previous blog-post here.


  1. Douglas Bartley ~ April 13, 2014 03:01

    Hello, Dennis - Thank you for stating clearly what your positions are on this and other issues - maybe the incumbent has to wait for his handlers to tell him what his positions are going to be. Regarding your support for mandatory E-Verify, though, I hope that you will reconsider your position. Enacting this would amount to a *huge* and unwarranted grant of power to the Federal Executive Branch to regulate private conduct. If this becomes law no one will be able to apply for a job without the federal government being notified and no one will be able to hire or be hired without approval after being run through a federal database search. If for any reason authorization is denied the applicant cannot be hired. Even if this was a legitimate exercise of federal power the problems with the NICS , Terrorist Watch List, No-Fly List and Obamacare databases would suggest caution - people's lives can be ruined by simple mistakes and inefficiency, not to mention if someone uses the system maliciously. But it is not a legitimate exercise of federal government power and I hope as a "constitutional conservative" you would recognize this.. #
  2. Dennis Linthicum ~ April 14, 2014 14:15

    Hi Douglas, I agree with you. In a survey, it’s difficult to give a nuanced response, but I do think that the imposed standard and potential Federal abuse of power because of e-verify is troubling. However, I do want to see more ways to empower employers to hire legal workers. So my answer is a “Yes, but…” kind of answer to the e-verify question. For more of my perspective on this issue, please listen to this recent radio interview with Eddie Garcia. We address illegal immigration and e-verify at about the 20-minute mark: Thanks for your thoughtful feedback, I appreciate it. #
  3. Bud Gleim ~ May 07, 2014 14:55

    I like everything I'm reading on your web site and in the voters' pamphlet so far. #

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I see Dennis Linthicum as a man I can trust, not just a politician. Dennis is a individual who holds the best interest of my generation, the millennial generation, close to heart. After talking to Dennis this became evident to me.

I really feel Dennis Linthicum has the capability to improve the the future well-being of this state and country, helping to create a better environment for fellow millennials and myself to succeed in. If given the chance, I know Dennis Linthicum could make a difference.

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