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by: Campaign Staff

Dennis Linthicum received another endorsement on Monday, this time from “Our Liberty Elections”.


Liberty is not lost in a day or a week. It’s a gradual process, occurring over a long period of time. When Congressmen and women vote away our precious rights, you may ask, why would a representative do such a thing? The reality is—they don’t often notice. Their good but naive intentions are often lost when their votes or bills have unintended consequences—outcomes which erode our Constitution. When examining the Democratic Party’s record and Mr. Greg Walden’s voting record, that’s what we see—good intentions but damaging results. America cannot afford to have these legislators in Congress. 

Dennis Linthicum has a keen awareness of legislation and how it can impact our Constitution.  But that is only one of many reasons why we are very pleased to endorse him.  He is a man of courage and his political platform and political experience define a man of wisdom. Most of all, we believe Mr. Linthicum will not fall prey to the political games of Washington, but rather will be guided by his faith and his deep appreciation for our country and the laws of our land.

Dennis Linthicum offers the 2nd District  a great opportunity for conservative Constitutional representation in Washington.  We hope the voters will take advantage of this on May 20th.

See the endorsement on Our Liberty Elections’ website >

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I, Paul Castilleja, Wallowa County Commissioner, fully endorse Republican Candidate, Dennis Linthicum for Congressional House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. to represent the citizens of Oregon.I personally know Dennis to an hones person and has proven to be a great leader. Dennis is a strong advocate for Oregon’s natural resources, has the courage and willingness to fight the federal burearocracies. The EPA/ESA or whatever needs to be addressed that will help the health and safety and God given rights to freedom. Please vote for Dennis Linthicum for Congressional House Representative."

— Paul Castilleja, Wallowa County Commissioner

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